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Work with the world's most cunning detective in the shadowy underbelly of the Emerald City of Oz. As Petra, you'll be lured deep into mysteries.
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System Requirements User Reviews. Buy Now Screen Shot. Click on Anzel, and discuss all topics with him. Talk to Anzel and he tells you to talk to her about her eyes. Click on it in the inventory bar, and use it to transform yourself back. Once you arrive at the palace, go inside through the balcony door. Receive the transformation potion from her. Follow Anzel outside, and watch him get scooped up by a Gump. Feed the candy in your inventory to the Gump to help him keep up. Once you do, click on Cutter to advance the story.

You will be taken outside a cell containing Tik—Tok.

Emerald City Confidential - Ep1 - w/Wardfire

Note the yellow button on the bottom shelf of the cabinet. Inside the cell, note the green button on the back wall. Exhaust all conversation options with Tik—Tok.

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Watch the cutscene between Cutter and Anzel. Pick up the spell dropped on the floor. Take the spell from your inventory and use it on Petra. Take the oblivion pills from the shelves. Take your items from the evidence bin. Use the escapum magic on yourself to re-enter your cell. Back in your cell, knock on the door to ask for food. Knock on the door to alert Tik—Tok. Once outside your cell, go up the stairs.

Go down the left hallway to the throne room. Take the green button from the throne room. You said you could help. Click on the right side of the screen to move past Jinjur. Once inside the entrance hall, listen to the Ozma and Scarecrow. Every school child knows those stories. In a rod? Go back inside the palace and take the yellow button from the entrance you may want to visit Scraps now. Click towards the lower right corner of the screen to see the Tin Man.

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Speak with Shaggy, going through all dialogue options with him. Speak with Miss Cayke, and exhaust all conversation options with her. Make a deal with Tin Man to get evidence on the Frogman in exchange for information on the expedition. After that, ask Tin Man all the questions you can about the Frogman. Turn in any buttons you may have. Go speak to Shaggy. Ask the pill machine for a vocabulary pill. Trick Wogglebug as you did before with your candy to sneak the pill out.

He then teaches you the woodsia spell.

Emerald City Confidential™

When you arrive, use the woodsia spell on Saw Horse. Watch him cast a spell as you float outside his window. When he leaves, talk to Miss Cayke about Shaggy and the Frogman. Go back and speak to Shaggy in his garage. Use your oblivion pills on Shaggy to return his speech to normal. Return to the diner to see how things have changed. Talk to her again about the Frogman. Cast the teleportrait spell on the newly renovated painting. Open the drawer in the painting.

Cast teleportrait on the portrait to leave it. Leave the house and return to the Tin Man. Talk to the Saw Horse and go to Winkie Ravine.

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Go through all the conversation options with the witch. Pick up the copper rod from the lower right corner of the screen. Enter the stadium. Go and speak to Woot. Exhaust all conversation options with Woot. Click on the large double doors to enter the arena. Pick up the red button from the bleachers. This sprawling Adventure game pulls out all the stops! Emerald City Confidential Film noir style mystery. Beautiful hand drawn art.

Intriguing Puzzles.

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Product Information. Publisher Fat Dog Games. Plattform Windows. Shipping Digital.

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