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In Photos on your Mac, use third-party apps to order professional-quality prints of You first download an app from the App Store that provides print services.
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Whenever I'm out and about, I end up taking photos whenever I can if it's something interesting, or just those moments with friends and family that I want to remember. I usually just use those photos in my Day One journal entries, but sometimes there are significant life events that deserve something more. Here's how I get my important photos printed from my Mac. I like Photo Stream because it's automatic and fairly seamless, and I use this over iCloud Photos because I still have albums on my iPhone that were synced from my Mac, and I don't want to remove those.

Photo Stream lets me access my photos from the last 30 days, which is fine for me. My permanent photo backup solution, which I use as a failsafe in case something goes wrong with Photo Stream, is Dropbox. Sometimes I end up forgetting to upload my photos for a few days, but I try to launch Dropbox at least once a day so my photos automatically upload to my 2TB Dropbox Plus account. I have years of photos in my Dropbox, so I can always browse it for what I need. For my wedding last year, I was given digital copies through Google Drive.

I saved all of the photos to my hard drive, and then uploaded them into Dropbox in appropriately labeled folders. When I need to get these photos into Photos on Mac, I simply import them from their source folder. As I said, I have a ton of photos. When they end up in Photos on Mac, it's kind of a big mess.

I'll have to go through each Day to see what happened or go through a ton of photos in a folder, which I may not want all of them printed. When I go through my pictures in Photos, I think about what I want to be printed. Whether it's just prints, or a photo book, or something I want to send my mom for the holidays, I think the photos I choose should tell a kind of story. Or just look good. I mean, why else would anyone want to print out photos?

5 alternatives to Apple’s print services for photo books, calendars, and cards

To make it easier, I select the photos I want to print and create a new album for them. That way, these photos are already set aside, and I can quickly select them for printing. For my wedding, I wanted to have my favorite wedding photos arranged in a book to tell the story. While there are plenty of photo printing services out there, for this I chose to use Motif. With Motif, it's easy to make a photo book in minutes.

Just select your photos, then choose the size and format hardcover or softcover of your book. Then Motif loads up your photos in print-ready resolution, and you're off! As you pick a theme, it will give you some sample pages underneath the theme selector. If you want to go the easy route, just select Autoflow Book. With Autoflow, Motif goes through and picks out your best images and removes duplicates.

You can always go back and add more photos, reduce the number of pages, and Motif will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Print your own photos in Photos on Mac

If you want to have complete control, select Don't Autoflow. You'll then be able to design each page by choosing what photos should be shown, and you can add text to tell your story. Each page's layout can be changed if you aren't satisfied with it, you can add text along the bottom, or increase the size of a photo space if needed. Personally, I like to put my photos in my book in chronological order. This way, it tells the story I want it to tell.

How to Print an Image from the Mac Photos App

I go with Don't Autoflow and it may take a while to get everything in the place I want it to be, but the result is my own creation, and it's well worth the time and effort. Motif is pretty easy to work with, as far as dragging photos around, resizing, swapping, etc. It also saves your work every few moments, so your work is safe.

If I am looking for individual photo prints, I prefer using Shutterfly , as I've used them before for several projects.

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With Shutterfly, you're able to choose the size and finish, put a message on the back of all prints, and select how many you want. The prices are decent, and there are often promo codes and deals. Shutterfly is also great for putting your photos on other items, such as travel mugs, totes, cards, canvas, ornaments, and pretty much anything else you can think of. For designing things like mugs and totes, I like to pick out photos that hold a special meaning to me, or would just look good on some merch.

Shutterfly's drag-and-drop interface on the web is intuitive and easy to use. While Apple may not be doing the printing themselves anymore, they made it easy to work with third-party photo printing services directly in the Photos app on Mac. Some like Motif are integrated directly into Photos, and others Shutterfly will need you to go to the website to complete your order, but it's all a seamless process. Are you using a Photo Extension to print out your photos from Mac?

Oh boy, how hard can it be to find a new subcontractor for this and just forward the print jobs to them. It's not like anybody located in Infinite Loop 1 was doing this all the time either way.

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But having Apple look through the whole process, using the Apple ID for paying etc. Why destroy such good things and what for? I'll chime in to say my fiancee and I used this after a rare vacation - it was a blast to make and still sits on our coffee table. I'm sure there are plenty of alternatives, but I'm a little bummed they'd choose to end this!

Huge disappointment.

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  • I ordered many beautiful books both hardback and softback over the years. The quality was really decent. What a shame : I still LOVE the real printed books and there's no way an iPad or whatever could ever replace that for me :. MacBook Pro Fall ? Possible high-end inch model. See Full Product Calendar.

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