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Hi all, I just set up my new MBA and I've noticed some weird red pixels on some apps while in dark mode. Screen is fine so no dead.
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My daughter wants to marry you.. The tech finally took the laptop in the back and physically disconnected the video card, then reconnected it.

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And all is fine! But if all else fails, get the Apple guys to physically disconnect and reconnect the video card. Worked for me! Your email address will not be published. How to News Not working? Tips and Tricks Guides. I also used this method and changed display size. It cleaned it right up.

Removing the option to automatically adjust brightness seems to have worked for me…. The result is blurry pixels, higher memory usage, more work for the GPU to do, and shorter battery life for laptops.

How Do the Red, Yellow, and Green Buttons Work? (On My Mac)

Blurry pixels and a scaled display make it very difficult for designers and developers to see if elements are where they need to be. Elements that animate will appear to shimmer as they move.

Fixing the External Monitor Color Problem with Your MacBook Pro

As the list scrolls, the divider shimmers as the scaling represents the line differently. A slightly lower value will mean text and interface elements are larger. A slightly higher value will mean text and interface elements are smaller. Wide colour gamut support β€” displays that use the Adobe RGB, Display P3, or DCI-P3 colour spaces β€” are great for photo editing, if your source material is created in those colour spaces.

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But, not always. I've not yet seen it happen in a Mojave VM using VMware Fusion, further indicating it only happens with certain hardware. To remove all variables, I tried running a clean install of Mojave With all default settings, I was quickly able to reproduce it Light Mode with Firefox Browser-like applications appear especially likely to trigger it ie.

Firefox and Electron-based apps.

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Applications I've seen it with I've probably forgotten some : Firefox Top edge requires dark Firefox theme Bottom edge requires dark bottom of window from open search bar with dark theme, dev tools with dark theme, or dark web page content. Also done on a clean The selection of apps and places I've seen it with make me suspicious it may in some way be window transparency related. Things that have no impact on the glitch tested with Firefox : Doing a clean install of Resetting PRAM.

Resetting SMC. Open the app in low resolution mode. System Preferences: Display resolution scaling. Display color profile. Night Shift. System accent color.

Weird red dots and lines while playing

Auto-hiding dock. Conclusion: Unfortunately, I don't think there is any way to prevent this glitch at this point, aside from forcing the use of the discrete card if your computer has one and you don't mind the reduced battery life , but hopefully it will be resolved in a future update. Steps to reproduce: I've had the best luck reproducing the bug with Firefox.

Open Firefox Reddit: MBP15 Intel GPU artifact Reddit: Flickering pixels above Firefox title bar β€” macOS Possibly loosely related: Avoid using a transparent surface by using CoreAnimation if my suspicion that it is transparency related is correct, that change may eventually have an impact on this bug happening with Firefox, if only by avoiding the OS bug. I have a Macbook Air running Mojave and this same issue appears daily for me between the top edge of Firefox and the bottom edge of the menu bar. Nice analytical work! On a side note, if you have Firefox installed, it's not a clean install, rather a newly setup system.

A clean system has only the default apps, nothing which gets installed after the setup. Very important in some cases, as apps usually change parts of the system like installing new fonts , which can cause all kinds of bugs to appear which have nothing to do with the OS.

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Still calling it clean install can lead to frustrations with support if you ever try to go through them Partial solution for me currently is to put the affected apps into fullscreen mode. Matthias Matthias 3 3 bronze badges. Featured on Meta.

Problem with iMac 27 2017 strange dots on screen

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