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Download Remote Mouse and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It simulates the function of wireless mouse, keyboard and touchpad, also The small features designed for one-handed use or intuitive operations will also delight you. . Remote: Mouse/Keyboard/Presentation/Trackpad Free for PC/ Mac.
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The custom templates and the guide are available for FREE to our email subscriber community. And you can get it right now. Moving between conversations using the keyboard may not strike a chord with everyone. I find this shortcut fundamental to my everyday work. I often use this shortcut over and over when unlocking the iPad.

How to Connect a Keyboard to Your iPad

You can search for so many things inside Spotlight, but the key to this shortcut is the ability to drag and drop an icon anywhere on your iPad from within Spotlight to Slide Over or Split View. I wish the list of apps was longer. The screenshot then hovers in the bottom left corner for you to save or act on it.

Press and hold Command: Only available on iOS unfortunately , this shortcut produces a window highlighting all the keyboard shortcuts within a specific app. The following shortcuts are a little less known I only learned them with the debut of the latest iPad Pros and which have become fundamental to how I work on the iPad.

This shortcut saves an extra tap if you know you want to act on your screenshot right away.

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This shortcut brings up the software keyboard without having to undock your iPad. Press Shift to uncapitalize letter at beginning of a sentence: This shortcut was a lifesaver once I discovered it. If you handle text on iOS, these shortcuts are sure to save you some time — and limit the still frustrating-to-use fingertip text selections you have to make. Note, this is Control , not Command I forgot that a lot in the early days. This shortcut opens the last-closed tab, and you can also press it several times to continue restoring each previously closed tab. Similar to swiping from the left to right, but without leaving the keyboard.

Things 3 is the ultimate iPad keyboard app. This type of app is seemingly built to be navigated using a keyboard and I feel Things 3 broke new ground with this feature. The exact method for doing so may vary.

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For example, some will require you to input a code that is displayed on the iPad's screen to complete the pairing. But you'll always start in the Bluetooth settings. First, launch the iPad's settings. On the left-side menu, find and tap "Bluetooth. It may take a few seconds for your iPad to "discover" the wireless keyboard. When it appears in the list, simply tap it. If it requires you to input a code, the iPad will display a code onscreen that you can enter on the keyboard.

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If the keyboard has a Bluetooth button to make it "discoverable," you will need to tap it before the iPad will recognize the keyboard. If you want to use your iPad as a laptop, why not turn it into a laptop? There are plenty of keyboard cases on the market offering different solutions to the typing problem. The keyboard case might seem a little counter-intuitive, taking the tablet right out of the iPad, but it really isn't much different than hooking a laptop into a docking station to make it act more like a desktop while at work.

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One advantage of the keyboard case is that it offers better mobility than carrying around both an iPad and a wireless keyboard. If you are constantly typing on the keyboard when you are using your iPad, this can be a very good choice. It's also a two-in-one package because it both protects your iPad as well as serving as a keyboard. The biggest disadvantages are that it adds a lot of bulk and it can be pricier than other solutions. Did you know you can hook up most wired USB keyboards to the iPad? The iPad's Camera Connection Adapter may be advertised as a solution for getting pictures from your camera to your iPad, but it actually works well with many USB devices, including keyboards.

This is a great solution if you want the ability to use a keyboard with your iPad but you don't think you'll use it very often. You can even unplug the wired keyboard from your PC and use it on your iPad. However, the Camera Connection Kit will cost as much as some of the cheaper wireless keyboards.

How to Augment Your Computer with an iPad

It does have the advantage of letting you hook up a camera to your iPad or even a MIDI instrument like a musical keyboard, but if you don't have any use other than using it for typing, it might actually be cheaper to go with a wireless keyboard. Touchfire has created a keyboard that's not a keyboard. Designed to work with Apple's Smart Cover and Smart Case, the Touchfire keyboard is a transparent silicon pad that fits over the iPad's onscreen keyboard, giving it the same type of texture and feel you might expect from a real keyboard.

This is great for touch typists who miss the tactile feel of keys beneath their fingertips, and because the keyboard pad is designed to stick to the underside of the Smart Cover, it is the most mobile of the keyboard solutions. Overall, the Touchfire keyboard does a great job of giving you that tactile feeling of a keyboard without actually hooking up a keyboard. But you still use the on-screen keyboard for typing, which means you'll lose a chunk of screen space.

Who needs a keyboard? One nice benefit of Siri is the ability to utilize voice recognition anytime you would normally use the keyboard. Simply push the microphone button and start talking. This isn't the best solution for heavy use, but if you just occasionally wish you could input a large chunk of text without hunting and pecking on that on-screen keyboard, voice recognition might do the trick.

How to Connect Pair a Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard to your iPad