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In our work we try to use only the most modern, convenient and interesting solutions.

What DOLAB can do for you?

Well, first things first.

  • DOLAB Saves You time!

    You can now sort, tag, organize, and retrieve photos by just the command of your voice. This means that

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  • Search by Key Phrases

    With DOLAB, searching for photos is easier than ever. All you need to type, or speak-in is any

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  • STOR on the Go

    If pics management has been pinning you down to a place, then the Sort, Tag, Organize, Retrieve

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  • Multi-lingual DOLAB is Ageless

    We understand that taking pics is not just a fashion statement among the youth.

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DOLAB – The Voice-Enabled App to Sort,
Tag, and Organize Your Photos

Understanding the daily struggle in managing and retrieving pics that most of us face,
DOLAB - the new voice-enabled app that sorts, tags, organizes, and
retrieves images, is here to make this colossal task a breeze.

DOLAB– The Vocal Way to Retrieve Your Images

How often does it happen that you want to share a certain photo from your phone photo gallery but are unable to locate it? Or, you have spent long minutes, if not hours, before locating that click from the picnic to share with your group? I guess that happens time and again to almost all of us.

As cell phones are becoming more advanced to include sophisticated cameras that catch the most granular details, it is only obvious that we will click more and more pics to capture moments.

The Problem with Capturing Moments

But as new pics start finding their way into the phone gallery, the older ones get pushed to the bottom making their retrieval difficult. To make this easier at any time in the future, the only option is to sort, tag, and organize them into albums. Thus, clicking pics is just the beginning.

The actual task lies in sorting, tagging, and organizing them into albums – an effort that even the most meticulous souls can be found shirking away from. Not to mention, that an even greater task is to be able to retrieve them when needed.
But, what if you could do all this with just your voice? Yes! Sort, Tag, Organize, Retrieve just with your voice. Sounds interesting? Then read on…


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Did You just Ask What it Costs?

With all that convenience at your voice command, and features par excellence, it is obvious for anyone to imagine a heavy subscription fee. But, guess what? DOLAB costs less than you spending on a coffee! That’s right. You can now organize and retrieve images at just $__/[M1] month. But, hold on! We understand that you need to be sure before you subscribe. This is why DOLAB download comes with a trial of 7 days before you make it a part of your daily life. So, start organizing your photo gallery the DOLAB way!

( [M1]$1.3 USD/month )

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